What We Spent, What We Harvested

Not much came from our garden this month, apart from the eggplants and some persimmons.  Of course, the first of many chokos has also been harvested.

Our garden harvest tally for January-April.

As a result, the “money saved” for the year running has actually fallen sharply, from $75 last month to only $50 this month (we’ve spent a fair bit on compost and organic fertilisers).  Our harvest in terms of weight is laughable at about 3kgs.

On the brighter side, the seedlings have continued growing and we’re nearly ready to put a few in the ground.  The silverbeet I planted directly have come up, and they’re about a foot tall now.  The early garlic is going gangbusters — we just need to weed the beds from time to time.

We’ve been discussing the possibility of growing tomatoes in the greenhouse over winter.  We have kept tropical plants in there in the past and they have survived.  Maybe the tomatoes will be a good experiment?

How has your garden been this month?  It’s getting a tad cold for my comfort now and my feet are always chilly.  The plants are obviously feeling it, too.  I am looking forward to better times in the garden, as well as some soup and slow cooker meals with the harvest.

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  1. I too have been wearing my gumboots but only because I am a sook and don’t like getting wet feet. In the sub tropics our gardens are coming into full production now. Fruit fly mean no tomatoes grown here over summer. In fact this year was so bad the fruit fly were trying to sting the lemons. A $50 saving is still a saving. Your spending will have major benefits once you get some more garden production happening.

    1. Jane I hate getting wet feet too. It’s the only reason I hate going out in the rain.

      I have never gardened in the subtropics and I’m not sure I’ll ever have the chance. That is funny about the fruit fly trying to sting the lemons! Although I am sure you didn’t find it amusing 🙂 You are right about $50 still being a saving.

      Good luck with your garden in the coming months.

  2. We have cherry tomatoes growing here and I have been able to keep them going through most of the winter and it gets very cold here. They have been growing in a protected spot. However this year the successive heatwaves gave them a hit and they are only just now coming good again. I wish you luck with growing them in the greenhouse. It is always good to experiment.

    1. Oh that is good news about the tomatoes Nanna Chel. If some self sown ones come up, I might ask DH to pot them up for the greenhouse. He was worried that they wouldn’t ripen, but then I told him I’d read about hydroponic tomatoes being grown inside the greenhouse year-round. He was thinking about cherry tomatoes too.

      I hope your late tomato harvest gets going soon.

  3. $50 is still a saving plus healthier and tastier. Experimenting with the tomatoes over winter would really be interesting. If you go ahead I hope it works well for you. You could have tomatoes all year round.

    I checked our PH levels yesterday as the cauliflower seedlings are not doing too well. It was very, very low. I’m thinking of adding lime. I’m going to start planting kale in the next week or so and extra herbs for our chooks. Eggplant is all finished now.

    Like you I’m getting a little cold out there. I have quite a few layers on with thick socks and my gumboots. I’m happiest when out in the garden with my muddy boots.

    1. I haven’t worn my gumboots for so long I think I might have to soak them in water to make sure there aren’t any spiders! It really is fun being out there. DH and I are actually looking forward to our mums being around so the two of us could work in the garden.

      It’s good that you’ve found out about the PH levels before it was too late. Last year, all our citrus nearly died (there’s easily 12 of them) because I hadn’t checked the soil we had had delivered. I’m glad we were able to rescue them or I’d have been beside myself with grief. That is a lot of plants to be losing to a silly mistake.

      Have fun in your garden and the new chickens! I must visit your blog again and see if you’ve got more photos.

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