In the Garden:  May

We went for a quick drive up to the Macedon Ranges today and got back early.  It has given me enough time to roam quickly through the garden and see what’s out there.

A sea of choko leaves covering the archway. We’ve harvested 4 kilos of chokos this month — more than enough to eat and share with friends. The vine is beautifully impressive. Hard to imagine it grew from just two chokos chucked into the ground. Just below it (in the foreground) is one of the garden beds dedicated to early season garlic.

The potted dwarf mango with its last flush of growth before the winter cold sets in.

Saffron Crocus potted up and Blue-Eyed Yellow African Daisies flowering in the background. In the front yard, we’ve just planted up the tulips after cooling them in the fridge for four weeks.

I love the Blue and Purple Salvias growing in the mini orchard. They’ve been interplanted with lavenders to attract pollinators for the citrus and pome fruits. Soon, they’ll be replaced with a sea of yellow daffodils.

Winter is definitely citrus season. These are small, round cumquats potted up beside the back door. The Lisbon lemons are still green, but the single Yuzu has been picked off the tree. I’m hoping there will be seeds to plant up when I cut up the fruit later.

We’re eating the fresh pomegranates this week and cannot wait until the silverbeet is ready to harvest.  Lots more to do in the garden in the coming month!  How are you going with yours?

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  1. I have never eaten pomegranates but they look so fascinating. I think I went to Mt.Macedon when I lived in Melbourne for a few years….back in the late 1960s. A long time ago 🙂

  2. Brrrrr it would have been a cold one up at Mt Macedon today. I hope you enjoyed it. Did you manage to visit The Trading Post?
    Pomegranates are delicious, enjoy. I look forward to all of the citrus too. I absolutely love lemons. I start each day with warm lemon water.
    I’m really happy with how our cauliflower, broccoli, kale and cabbage seedlings are coming along. Apart from the kale the rest are all a first for me and I’m really looking forward to them. Fingers crossed.

    1. Kylie, we started at the Ash Wednesday Park and meant to go up the mountain from there. We got a bit lost in the rain and ended up in Woodend, LOL. We didn’t really have a plan this time around so we just wandered around… We did find the Trading Post on the way back but by then we’d already stopped at the Tea Room at the Memorial! Yes it was cold (brr).

      Your seedlings must be quite tall by now. How exciting for you 🙂 The pomegranates are indeed delicious (or so I was told). I love lemons too. I’m thinking of planting another lemon tree — a Eureka maybe, so we can have lemons year round.

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