What We Spent, What We Harvested (and other things)

We’ve harvested the first of the ginger and turmeric this week.  I just love digging the yellowing plants up to find the tubers underneath.  Nothing beats the taste and smell of freshly harvested aromatics.

Here is our small garden harvest tally for January-May.

Our garden harvest tally for the year to date.

We’ve not spent a single thing on the garden this month, so all the harvest has gone straight into the positive side of the balance.  Chokos are still a-plenty, and there’s about three-fourths left for the ginger and turmeric harvest.  We grow them in pots more than 40cm wide, and reserve some tubers every year for replanting.  I would love to grow galangal but, having tried twice before, I hesitated to replant them last summer.  I might give it another go this year.

Work has started on our small kitchen refresh, and we expect it to continue until the week of the Queen’s Birthday holiday.  We’ve gotten all the quotes in and it looks like we’ll be coming in at slightly under $5k (the budget we’ve set).  Fingers crossed it all works out…

Mr Meagre hard at work. Today is the day for smashing the splashback tiles and sanding. We’ve chosen Taubman’s Endure Crisp White for the walls (there aren’t many brands approved as asthma-friendly).

This week, I’ve also completed my fermenting/bread-proofing setup for the winter.  I’m using a Mangrove Jack’s Heat Pad coupled with an MKII temperature controller.  As a first project, I’ve made up some kimchi using the freshly-harvested ginger.

My trial setup for winter ferments, and bread proofing. I’ve set the temp to 20 degrees Celsius for the kimchi.

My second batch of Kombucha had sadly developed mould, probably due to prolonged cold weather.  I will have to find another scoby now and pop it onto the fermenting heat pad next time…

I miss my breadmaking challenge but it will probably have to wait until the kitchen is done!

4 Replies to “What We Spent, What We Harvested (and other things)”

  1. I love turmeric. I remember once sprinkling it through my veggies whilst in the steamer (with the plastic trays). Well the plastic now has this wonderful yellow glow 🙂.
    Hopefully your kitchen will be complete in a few short weeks and you will be able to enjoy and get back to your challenge. The wait will be worth it.

    1. Thanks Kylie. That is funny about the yellow glow — no doubt it would happen to me too if I had a plasric steamer!

  2. Ha ha, I have dough rising beside me at the moment. It is in my heating pad which is a styrofoam box from the veggie shop with a hot water bottle inside. LOL! A heating pad does sound good though I must say. Plenty of time for the challenge once you are back to normal. Have your mums left yet?

    1. Not yet Nanna Chel! They’ll be here until the first week of August. A few more weeks left to catch up with the grandies 🙂

      I’d actually been thinking about getting a regular heating pad or one specifically for fermenting but finally ended up with this one (thanks to ebay for the $10 off $30 voucher, LOL). I do hope this setup works Nanna Chel, otherwise I’ll be using the temp controller to convert the spare freezer into a cheese box… I really do miss my baking challenge but you are right — plenty of time for that later 🙂

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